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Sweet Cheese

Homemade Middle Eastern Sweets

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Cafe Eden

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Sweet Cheese

We have permanently closed our store to the public.


Catering and Take Out will be available on select items beginning Tuesday, September 5th until further notice.


"When I opened the box, the intoxicating aroma took me away and I felt like I was back home in beautiful Tripoli."

— Jamile Sultan


"Finally! Authentic tasting Lebanese desserts in the Bay Area. The taste is too good to be true!

We can't get enough!

— Ibrahim and Nariman Soubra

From Lebanon

Known as one of the finest Middle Eastern delicacies, knefe has passed through many countries in the Middle East, including Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, and of course, Lebanon; each with its own variant. Traditional Lebanese Knafeh, particularly in the north, is made with two crumbling layers of delicately sifted semolina dough, pre-made from scratch, filled with sweet melted cheese, and oozing with warm rose water syrup.

To  the Bay Area

The unique flavors of Middle Eastern desserts have travelled much further than their traditional hometowns and have found a place for themselves worldwide. These distinct desserts have taken on a very sweet reputation, and we are proud to be a part of this growing diversity in our nation. Sweet Cheese is excited to be bringing more of these heart-warming flavors to the Bay Area and all over the nation (very soon!)

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Meet the Chef 

How does a professional basketball player become a dessert maker? That’s a question I always ask myself. Making knefe reminds me of how I felt on the court. It’s exciting, unpredictable, and takes a lot of hard work. I created Sweet Cheese to celebrate my culture and bring the best it can offer to the US. I hope you enjoy these delicacies as much as I enjoy making them!


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